COST Converges meetings in Madrid and Thessaloniki

I am a member of the EU COST action CONVERGES, a network where researchers from different European countries work on riparian vegetation and ecosystems . In January, I contributed to a working group meeting in Madrid (Spain) and in February I attended the general meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece). After the meetings I had the possibility to visit interesting rivers and two famous UNESCO World Heritage sites: Ubeda in Spain and Meteora in Greece.

My pilgrim tour in May

Below are more impressions of my pilgrimage from Hennersdorf to Schwandorf in May, via Osek – Louny – Krivoklat – Plasy – Plzen – Strbro – Tillyschanz – Teunz.

Cathedral in Louny
In Marianske Tynice: “Zvestovani panne marii”

My 2019 pilgrimage has started

I am writing this short note on the second day of my pilgrimage, at Fischerbaude hotel in Holzhau, before crossing the border to Czech Republic. I feel that I want to spend most time without electronic media, even though I thought in the beginning that it would be great to have regular posts. Maybe, I will rather find another format to tell about my trip. Below are some impressions of the first part.

Munkeby Monastery

This week I had a short stop at Munkeby in Levanger Municipality. Munkeby, the “place of the monks” close to river Levangerelva was northernmost Norwegian monastery established by the Cistercians in the 12th century.
The new Munkeby Mariakloster – kloster is Norwegian for monastery – has been founded in 2008 by four French monks who practice a contemplative life and produce cheese. Guests are welcome to join for the Liturgy of the Hours.

Utstein pilegrimsgård

I spent some days on a retreat at Utstein Pilegrimsgård, which is situated close to Utstein kloster.

Pilgrim walks in Norway 2013-2018

Hiking, skiing and several other outdoor activities have always had an important place in my life. What is the difference between a hiking trip and a pilgrim tour? There are no sharp borders. For me, a pilgrim tour has less focus on the physical challenges. The paths are of low to moderate difficulty and the daily distances are shorter (usually not more than 20-25 km). This gives more time to listen and to get more aware – both of the surrounding nature, of the different voices in my mind and of my feelings. It gives a peace of mind where I get new inspirations or the right answers for decisions I have to make. Below are impressions of shorter tours (usually 2-4 days) that I have undertaken along various pilgrim paths in Norway since 2013, either alone or together with friends.