Multidisciplinary research and development projects

Based on my expertise in water management, hydraulic engineering and river and wetland restoration, I contribute to multidisciplinary projects that are i) studying, conserving or restoring freshwater ecosystems, such as rivers, wetlands, mires and lakes, or ii) studying the connections between physical, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of water.

Workshops, seminars and pilgrimages

During my work as research scientist, I had the possibility to organize or participate in several project workshops. I experienced that my and other people’s creativity can be enhanced by an appropriate environment and setting that encourages co-creation, for example by including artistic-creative elements and moderate physical activity. My workshops are designed to be creative!

For the workshops and seminars I try to find inspiring venues close to nature.  In close cooperation with you, I set up the program, chose competent partners or trainers and organize the event tailor-made for your group, objective and preferences.

Please, contact me if you would like to get more information or are interested in cooperating with me!